The Municipality reminds residents that the disposal of "flushable" wipes into the municipal sewer system is discouraged. These wipes significantly increase the occurence of clogged sewer lines, which results in costly maintenance expenses.

The community of Riverton has a municipal sewer system. Utility bills are issued quarterly in January, April, July, and October and are calculated according to Public Utilities Board Order No. 11/19. The current approved rates are as follows:


Effective Jan. 1, 2020

Quarterly Service Charge

$    4.18

Quarterly Wastewater Charge*

$  35.37

Minimum Quarterly Charge

$  39.55

*Per Residential Equivalency Unit (REU)

Details of other rates can be found in Schedule “A” of Board Order No. 11/19, which is available for viewing on the Public Utilities Board website.

For information on the steps property owners should take when experiencing a sewer blockage, and the process for municipal sewer main repairs, please see the informational sheet: Sewer Pipe Responsibilities for Property Owners