Access Credit Union - Riverton Branch
51 Main Street, Box 428
Riverton, MB   R0C 2R0

Access Credit Union - Arborg Branch
250 Main Street, Box 328
Arborg, MB   R0C 0A0

Access Credit Union Contact Centre Phone: 1-844-826-6500

CIBC - Arborg Branch
282 Main Street
Arborg, MB   R0C 0A0
Ph: (204) 376-5218 / Fax: (204) 376-2968

The Access Credit Unions and CIBC each have ATM's located in their lobbies that offer 24-hour service, with the Riverton Branch of Access Credit Union boasting a brand new Ineractive Teller Machine (iTM) from 7am - 7pm Mon-Sat. There is also a branch of Interlake Insurance in both Riverton and Arborg, where you can obtain everything from auto and travel coverage to home and cottage protection policies.