List of Applications for Permits/Licenses

Lottery Licenses - if your organization is wanting to operate a raffle within the Municipality, the Municipality can issue lottery licenses when the total prize value does not exceed $3,000. For more information or to apply for a lottery licence, please contact the office at 204-376-2391. 

Transient Business License - fees to operate a transient business (e.g. food truck) in the urban area of Riverton are set at $100.00/month. 

Sewer Permits - if you are wanting to hook up to Riverton Sewer, you will need to make application to the Municipality. Permit fees are $100.00/residence and $200.00/commercial.

Permit to Burn - under By-law 8-2018, burning permits are required for all outdoor fires excluding a fire started in, and remains contained within, a fire pit or solid fuel burning appliance. Permits are required to be obtained and all guidelines must be adhered to. At times, the Municipality may implement a burning ban which everyone must adhere to. A copy of the burn permit is attached below. These must be signed by a Municipal Official. For Farmers, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development is providing daily information  on smoke dispersion and wind direction to assist producers in making informed decisions about how to burn safely and minimize the risk of smoke on the Crop Residue Burning website.

Dust Control Application - applications for Dust Control are accepted every Spring. Dust Control is applied in June or July depending on several factors including contractor availability, weather and our gravel program. See below for a copy of the Dust Control Application.

Driveway Application - Prior to installing a driveway off a Municipal Road, you will need to make application to the Municipality along with a $40 application fee. It is important to provide the size of the culverts upstream and downstream of the proposed installation along with GPS coordinates. Please contact the Municipal Office if you require more information. A copy of the application form is available below.

Tree Removal on Public Reserve - Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton's Policy No. 2016-03 allows for the regulation of tree removal of public reserves in areas of concentrated population. These areas include the Lake Winnipeg developments, Okno, Morweena & Riverton. Ratepayers must complete a form to request permission to remove standing tree(s) that are dangerous to the public or private property. The Public Works department will inspect, mark the tree(s), and provide written approval if granted. No standing tree(s) are to be removed from the Public Reserve land without written permission from the Municipality. Dead-fall is to be removed solely for the purpose of firewood. The dead-fall must be completely removed from the public property; piling of deadfall on public reserve land is not permitted. Any tampering with standing tree(s) is not permitted. Tampering includes, but is not limited to, scoring, notching, salting and burning. If tampering or unauthorized removal occurs the Municipality will purse those responsible with monetary fines and potential RCMP involvement. Please see below for a Tree Removal on Public Reserve form.

Dog Licenses - if you reside in the urban area of Riverton and own a dog, they are required to be licensed and vaccinated. Annual Licenses (January to December) cost $20.00 per dog and are available to be picked up at the office. Owners with dogs found roaming at large without a license may be fined and will be required to pay any vaccination and/or boarding fees at the Arborg Veterinary Clinic. 

(The fee schedule may change from time to time and will supersede all rates indicated.)