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Friday Story hour 11:00-12:00 am for 3-5 year olds.  Library is closed to the general public during story hour.


•    3 public computers
•    Free internet and wireless available

•    .25 per page, black & white
•    $1.00 per page, color

•    View Sonic PJ458D XGA Projector. Contact Librarian for rental price.
•    DVD Rental - $2.00 for 1 day rental.
•    VHS Rental – Free 1 week rental.

Evergreen Regional Library Riverton Branch History

Source: Evergreen Regional Library

As published in “Riverton Memories”, 1967: 

Since November 1, 1965, the date on which the Riverton branch of the Evergreen Regional Library was officially opened, a remarkable number of books have moved through the shelves and across the counter. 

In the year 1966, the most enthusiastic readers were the children, through those hands passed 4,886 books. The young adult statistic was 1,590; the corresponding adult figure was 1,956. Thus a membership of 521 persons borrowed a total of 8,432 books, at an average of over 16 books per person.

At present the Library contains 1,178 volumes of which 587 are basic, i.e. permanently placed, 591 rotating, i.e. are transferred between the three Libraries, Gimli, Arborg, and Riverton, after a given period of time. This total includes neither the eighty volumes of reference books nor the Icelandic collection. 

A substantial number of magazines, periodicals and newspapers are also at the disposal of the readers. These vary in interest from children to adult, in emphasis, from local to national events.

The Library is particularly proud to have in its collection books published by 4 local writers. In the Icelandic section, those of the notable Icelandic poet and playwright, Guttormur J. Guttormson, deceased, whose volumes of plays and poetry are being rebound to assure their preservation. In the Library at present is his “Bondadottir” which contains his famous poem “Sandy Bar”. Also in this section, “Jon a Strympu og fleiri Sogur”, by Gunnstein Eyjolfsson, is reported to have been the first fiction writer amongst the Icelanders on this continent. To be found here too, “Roman er su Taug” (Strong are the Bonds), a collection of occasional poems mostly, by Fridrik Sigurdsson. The Library also contains an autobiography written by a resident of Riverton. Mr. Gus Romanuik has produced a history, around the framework of his own experience, of early Ukrainian settlement in the area, in his “Taking Root in Canada” 

The Library as a public service, serves its purpose only when used by the community. In this respect circulation and interest confirm the success of the Riverton Library.