Sandy Bar Beach

Located near Riverton at the end of PR 329 approximately 4 miles east of PTH 8 sits the gorgeous Sandy Bar Beach. This gem of a Lake Winnipeg beach is named after the long sand bar that stretches out through the water in that area. The beach is great for many types of summer activities, from swimming to fishing to bird watching, or even just enjoying a day in the sun. In the winter it is a popular location for snowmobilers, and a robust Ice Fishing Village pops up off the shores each year to chase after the iconic Lake Winnipeg Greenback Walleye. The 2020 addition of a washroom building and a changing room builiding, as well as garbage cans and a vehicle parking area make it ideal for a day out.

The lack of residential development in the surrounding area helps the natural community of wildlife to thrive. The beach is home to many varieties of birds: pelicans, gulls (ring-billed or franklins), common terns, herring gulls, Bonaparte gulls, double crested cormorants, and if you a lucky you may even spot a Piping Plover. Piping Plovers are small, round, grey and white, birds who are both provincially and nationally endangered. The soft sand and little vegetation on the beach of Sandy Bar were perfect nesting conditions for these little fellows. 

Snowmobile Trails

A significant portion of the Interlake Snow Trackers annual groomed trail system is located within the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton. A few branches of the trail meet at Riverton, where fuel, food and accommodations are available for snowmobilers. A trail map is can be found on the Snow Trackers website, along with trail conditions. The club works with the Snoman organization, and a Snopass is required to ride on the trails. Each winter they host an annual free ride weekend, check the Snoman website for details.